Membership Process

How to join the Wild Grace Community

Members gathering with music

We are open for several new prospective members who feel deeply aligned with our Vision Statement and Building Stones and have the passion, creativity, energy, and soulfulness to co-create a sacred space of support and connection with each other and the larger community. We do this by sharing what inspires us, meditating together, relating authentically with each other, hosting kirtans and potlucks, and working on the land to produce food and maintain a beautiful environment.

Our two bedroom plus office home (Osprey) will be available for rent in the fall plus a 600 square foot apartment below on the edge of the river canyon. We welcome a couple of people or a small family to live in Osprey and possibly a couple to live in the apartment. We are looking for people who consciously deeply connect with spirit, think like a village, and who have some experience with permaculture and/or tending the land, and growing food.

All members, whether working or retired, need to have a source of income to pay rent or purchase housing and contribute to the sustainability of the community​.

If your heart sings with what you are seeing and reading then please email with a bit about yourself and your interest in and experience with community living. If it feels resonant we can arrange zoom calls with members, and if it still feels right we can arrange a visit. After a visit if there is mutual agreement then you may come for a month as a prospective member. If it continues to feel right, there is a three month mutual heart review, then again at six months, and after one year one can request to become a permanent member.

For details on our lifestyle, economics, housing, sustainability practices, and decision making, please visit our listing on the Foundation for Intentional Communities website. If you feel resonant with our community vision and values please be in touch.

Self-knowledge Self-discovery
Self-knowledge Self-discovery
Self-knowledge Self-discovery

Osprey, our two-bedroom, two-bath home is completed and the apartment below it will be completed in the Fall of 2023. When completed it will have a main room with a kitchen, dining area, and living room, and a bathroom, and two other rooms, plus an entrance and a riverside deck.