Building Stone #6

Wholeness and Oneness

We attune ourselves to the unity of all aspects of creation—for in truth we are One. Our capacity to create and be of service grows when we orient to our essential wholeness and awaken to the miraculous nature of our interconnectedness in relationship with each other. We are walking each other Home.

We deepen the awareness of our Oneness by:​

⚘ meditating together in sacred silence

⚘ listening to spirit and allowing a higher perspective or intelligence to be felt and expressed—Spirit and Nature dancing together

⚘ supporting in ourselves and each other the courage and capacity to show our real selves—the light as well as the places in ourselves that we hide or reject. Nothing can be left out of Oneness

⚘ attuning to and aligning with our living Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all of Creation

⚘ cultivating a sense of wonder, joy, curiosity, and humor capable of navigating the waters of these transformational times