Building Stone #5

Integral Soul Work

What does it mean to BOTH awaken from the dream of separation AND fulfill the soul’s unique purpose—to know our oneness with God and simultaneously experience our humanness? What are we being called to as we co-create this community?  Can we feel the soul of the world calling to each of us? Every voice matters.

All are needed as we:​

⚘ open to the deepest reasons for being alive

⚘ invite conscious awareness, creativity, and possibility into each moment

⚘ discover and explore the resonances among our unique souls

⚘ support each other in listening to the still small voice of our souls, including an invitation to the hidden parts of ourselves that live in the shadow

⚘ practice acceptance, embracing the whole present moment experience, including all thoughts, feelings, and expressions

⚘ tune into highly evolved beings, drawing inspiration from them

⚘ collaborate with the impulse of evolution, the movement at this moment in time to co-create a New Earth based on love