Building Stone #2

Outer Expression

We commit to being of service to something greater than ourselves both within and outside of the community. As we serve we remember the beauty, sacredness, and interconnectedness of all of life. We recognize that heightening our collective community consciousness will in itself impact our world as we touch people far and wide beyond our imagined reach, extending ripples of energy in unexpected ways.

Our service may express itself in some of the following ways:

⚘ developing our capacity to listen deeply to each other from our hearts and have conversations that matter

⚘ opening to inspiration for specific outward action, and supporting each other in taking those actions to make a meaningful difference

⚘ consciously turning toward what is painful in our lives, our society, our ancestry, and the collective with nonjudgmental acceptance—embracing it with love, tenderness, and intention to bring healing to ourselves and our world

⚘ hosting celebrations, honoring the seasons, meditations, kirtans, potlucks, sharing inspiration, inviting teachers to visit and share from diverse traditions