Building Stone #3

Interpersonal Connecting

Who we truly are can only be known in relationship. The wave would not exist if there were not the depth and breadth of the ocean to lift it. We nurture tender, authentic, catalytic friendships as we build trust, acceptance, awareness, and intimacy as well as shared perspectives, values, and intentions, remembering the value of lightheartedness and humor.

Our guiding principles for harmony and growth in relationship include:​

⚘ seeing the goodness, sincerity, and divinity in each other

⚘ suspending judgments, examining assumptions, honoring differences, and accepting each of us as we are, knowing we are all learning and growing

⚘ being fully present and authentic with each other, as well as being authentic and true to ourselves

⚘ creating safety and intimacy by seeing and feeling others with our whole body, and allowing ourselves to be seen and felt

⚘ sharing ideas, hopes, aspirations as well as resources and knowledge

⚘ offering feedback compassionately when invited and being willing to feel some discomfort as part of the process of growing and learning together

⚘ maintaining resonance, establishing rapport, and re-connecting with anyone with whom one feels out of harmony with as soon as appropriate

⚘ taking problems, complaints, or upsets to the person(s) where resolution is possible, rather than to someone who can’t resolve the issue

⚘ celebrating the sacredness of life through sacred ritual, dance, play, conversation, and music

⚘ sharing in regular gatherings, meditations, weekly heart circles, meals, dances, kirtans, land stewardship, and community projects