In the fall of 2020 a close group of friends came together to allow the flowering of the Divine in ourselves, each other, and our larger community through our deep listening to Spirit. We live on neighboring parcels in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. We called ourselves Wild Grace Community.

On one of the parcels we built a beautiful 32’ octagonal temple, the heart of our community, which we use for regular meditations, musical gatherings, and inspirational sharings. Also newly built is an additional home, a two-bedroom house with an apartment below, and other structures to welcome new prospective members. The buildings overlook the wild and scenic South Yuba River, a never-ending source of inspiration.

Currently those living on the river’s-edge parcel, often joined by our friends, gather for some meals, have meditations in our temple six mornings a week, share in a weekly heart circle, and work together on the land in our gardens and orchard. We also host potlucks and kirtans (sacred music) for the larger community.

At the center of each of our lives is deep listening to Spirit which takes many expressions. We draw from many inspirational teachers and teachings as well as Nature. Many community participants have had years of experience living in intentional spiritual communities.

Wild Grace Community
Wild Grace Community
Wild Grace Community
Wild Grace Community

We join together to allow the flowering of the Divine in ourselves, each other, and our larger community to co-create with Spirit.

Vision Statement

Building Stones

These essential principles provide us with a framework in which to live our lives in true union and relationship. We create an opening for miracles when we dedicate ourselves to taking responsibility from the heart to a self-transcending community experiment with other sincere people with similar intentions.

Descubra seu verdadeiro Ser

Inner Growth

We relate to life as a never-ending opportunity for practice, growth, and transformation.

Mova da incerteza para a guia interior

Outer Expression

We commit to being of service to something greater than ourselves both within and outside of the community.

Construindo relacionamentos significativos

Interpersonal Connecting

Who we truly are can only be known in relationship.


Vivendo uma vida plena

Radical Commitment to Authentic Presence

Breaking free of old norms and habitual patterns to create a container for deepening intimacy.

Resgate o seu poder

Integral Soul Work

What does it mean to BOTH awaken from the dream of separation AND fulfill the soul’s unique purpose?

Recupere a sua liberdade

Wholeness and Oneness

We attune ourselves to the unity of all aspects of creation—for in truth we are One.