Building Stone #1

Inner Growth

We relate to life as a never-ending opportunity for practice, growth, and transformation. We aspire to bring a conscious and constructive relationship to every moment of living by inviting the Divine into our lives as we also attend to the limitations of our cultural conditioning and personal beliefs—integrating our divinity with our humanity.

To help us sustain an ongoing awareness of Oneness, each person is free to engage in a variety of practices which may include:​

⚘ sacred silence, meditation, prayer, inner listening and reflection, attention to bodily sensations, grounded awareness

⚘ chanting, being present, and expressing gratitude

⚘ aspiring to unconditional trust, conscious non-planning, being in dialogue, breathing with nature, and dedicating all thought to union

⚘ personal healing work, trauma resolution processes, ancestral healing, authentic movement, and honoring the sacred ground of grief